Louis C.K. telling it as it is!

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who wants to be the first one to say it?

I will. What about black people? The Voting Rights Act wasnโ€™t passed until 1965. Democracy is 94 years old my ass.

Bolded for truth, and the uncomfortable realization that Louis CK has evolved into a complete panderer.

people make mistakes sometimes, nobodys fucking perfect. sick of tumblr trying to morph everyone into a perfect equal person when people mess up sometimes, it was just one simple fact that he didnt look up, he wasnt being racist or anything, just a simple research mistake.

Actually the 15th amendment allowed African American men the right to vote. This was passed either late 1860โ€™s or early 1870โ€™s along with the 13th amendment which freed the slaves and the 14th amendment which made freedmen citizens. African American women got the right to vote in 1920 with all other women. The Voting Rights Act provided protection for African Americans going to vote or registering to vote because yea people were (and some still are) racist assholes, but they did in fact have the right to vote. So yea American Democracy is 94 years old.



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